Swift for TensorFlow - Tutorials + Guides

(Ayush Agrawal) #1

Hi everyone!

I am a Google Summer of Code participant with TensorFlow this year, and my project is to focus on building a collection of beginner and intermediate S4TF tutorials + guides. As part 1, I am to convert TensorFlow’s Udacity course materials (~11 Jupyter notebooks, currently implemented in Python) to Swift. These notebooks could be used in a future course, specifically targeted at mobile app developers (“Intro to Machine Learning with S4TF”).

I’ve begun working on it and have completed 2 notebooks as of now, and I will be implementing more as per my proposal.
Here is a link to the GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Ayush517/S4TF-Tutorials
Here is a link to the Medium Repo: https://medium.com/gsoc-19

I am very veryy excited to work on this projects. :smiley:
Always open to feedback and suggestions