Super resolution with Sentinel-2 and Planet images - loading problem

Hi all,
I’m trying to super-resolve Sentinel-2 images with Planet ones for my thesis and I’m stuck in loading Planet 2 images in order to run the EDSR model.
I’m using DataBlock, I thought it was the most straightforward approach, below the block:
dblck = fstdt.DataBlock(blocks = (fstdt.TransformBlock(imgOpen),fstdt.TransformBlock(imgOpen)),
get_y = ?

My biggest problem is to tell Fastai that Planet images are under a different path compared with S2 and load them one by one
s2 = path+“/sentinel-2/04062017/split/upsampled/norm/”
ps = path+“/planet/13062017/split/hm/norm/”

I have already tried lambda and pipeline but they didn’t work, probably I didn’t configured correctly. I tried to use getter knowing already it wouldn’t have worked but I had to try.
I’m pretty sure and the solution is easy and under my nose but…I can’t see it.
Any suggestion is welcome