Suggestions for Image labelling and annotation tool?

Does anyone have any suggestions or reviews for image labelling tools?

I know there are a few out there but looking to hear about some experience(s)?


I feel like I have a semi-unique case in that I am trying to label images in a very specific type of video.

I have extracted thousands of frames and I need to classify a sequence of frames as typically the same classification applies to a sequence of frames. so really i need the start and end of the sequence and then i can apply the same classification to all the frames between.

Maybe this can help:

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sloth and rectlabel are a couple more tools

Generally these tools are not very full featured. There is scope for some awesome consumer tools to be developed once demand is there, or to spark demand.

I approach this by labelling some representative samples. Eg every nth or start and end or whatever makes sense for you. Then use those to make predictions, saving predictions in the same format the labeller uses, and revise the predictions in the labelling tool, and then do this iteratively until predictions are of a good enough quality. As opposed to simply labelling as many items as I have time.

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