Suggest a linear algebra course for an art degree graduate

(Klement) #1

It’d be great if the course was somehow interactive- not just lectures. And free :slight_smile:

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(nkiruka chuka-obah) #2

I don’t know about courses but I like interactive textbooks. They help you visualize the various vectors and such you learn about in linear algebra. For example: and this Also on youtube, there is the channel 3Blue1Brown: He does great animations of various linear algebra concepts.

I hope this helps.


(Vladimir) #3

Do you know about the channel 3Blue1Brown on youtube? He gives away free knowledge wonderfully animated and understandable. For specific lecture regarding algebra you can check out Khan Academy, Rachel’s lectures are also excellent but a bit more advanced in my opinion. If you are looking for a book I can recommend

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(Klement) #4

Thanks! That’s just perfect !