Sudden Break of Installation in Colab

I face all of sudden installation issue in colab.

Every thing was fine till morning .
Is any change done in fai version
Please help…

—> 2 from .data import *
3 from .image import *
4 from .transform import *
5 from .tta import *

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/fastai/vision/ in ()
201 def verify_image(file:Path, idx:int, delete:bool, max_size:Union[int,Tuple[int,int]]=None, dest:Path=None, n_channels:int=3,
–> 202 interp=PIL.Image.BILINEAR, ext:str=None, img_format:str=None, resume:bool=False, **kwargs):
203 “Check if the image in file exists, maybe resize it and copy it in dest.”
204 try:

AttributeError: module ‘PIL’ has no attribute ‘Image’
AttributeError: module ‘PIL’ has no attribute ‘Image’