Subject lesson 3 video: Is this the intended behaviour


When viewing the lesson 3 2018 video a message is displayed stating
“This video can only be viewed on YouTube” -> a link
“Play back on other websites has been disabled by the video owner”

This applies to

No it’s not the intended behavior. Where are you seeing this? I’m looking at this page and it seems fine: .

@jeremy I get the same error-for both Chrome and Safari.
I’m on OS X, checking the website from India.

Edit: Found a fix for this problem and verified it with my Youtube channel and website.

Thanks - I’ve turned that on now. I’m totally confused as to why it was working fine for me without it!

Hi as @Sanyam says it’s in the use of Safari and thanks for the fix. It was only that video the other lessons seemed fine. I am in the UK. I just accessed lesson 3 OK.
The link