Study Group: Weekdays 5-7pm MST(UTC-7)

Hi there!

Does that time slot look good to you? 5-7pm MST(UTC-7)

That’s usually when I study AI.
I’m looking for anyone else who likes that time slot for an informal study group.

I’m am beginner, working through the first part of the 2022 course. Started this month.
I know just enough programming to teach myself more!

I work at a law firm, digital operations director. I must understand AI to prepare my company for what’s coming. Mainly interested in NLP but I like the wholistic approach of fastai.

Reply if you’re interested in meeting/studying around the same time that I do.
5-7 MST(UTC-7) most weekdays, sometimes weekends.


I’m Andy and working through the course.
in CST about the Chicago area.
What are you proposing?

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Hi Andy,
Cool, thanks for replying.

I noticed that time slots was an issue for planning study groups, so I just posted the time I usually study. Maybe others are studying at the same time.

I don’t plan to host or lead any kind of formal group.

If you like, we can check in and chat in the fastai discord voice channel.
Would you like to check in briefly sometime next week?