Study Group Toronto/ GTA

(Avin Regmi) #1

Hey Guys, I’m from Toronto, currently working on a startup. Let’s meet up and form a study group.

(Johnny) #2

Check out

(Xu Fei) #3

Hey @avinregmi we are meeting on Thursday at Planswell. Thanks @Johnny for sharing the info!

(Avin Regmi) #4

Hey, I’m in San Francisco right now for my startup. I’ll be back in Toronto next week.

(Xu Fei) #5

You are welcome to join our next meetings too. We have 2 sessions every week until Dec 13th.

(Avin Regmi) #6

Hey Guys, I just got back to Toronto last night. I’ll try my best to come tonight!!

(Mike Moloch) #7

@shoof Any plans to do these sessions for the publicly available version of the v3 course?

(Anthony Bozzo) #8

I would also be interested in GTA meet-ups.