Study group Sweden

Hi everybody,
Seems like we have a bunch of people on the forums based in Sweden. Let’s talk everything Fastai, and use this topic to organize meetups etc.

(Initially, this topic was only on focused on Gbg, but as per Edwards suggestion below, let’s all hang out and chat things here.)


I live over in Jönköping, so maybe I could drop by some time!

Yay ! sure, of course. If you plan to drop by / pass by Gbg later when the course begins, just post it here. :beers:

Will do!

Yes. I will be available and glad to have someone here in Göteborg.

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Super. Let’s meet up sometime soon. Around the beginning of the course.

Alright. Let us meet up.

I was thinking perhaps it would be a good idea to rename this group to study group sweden as it might mop up more people. Or do you guys reckon it’s better keep Gothenburg seperate from a larger Sweden group? I’m not sure how many of us there are in sweden but judging by Jeremys map there seems to be more than us.


Sure thing Edward. Let me try and see if it’s possible to rename the topic.

I’m sitting in Stockholm and would like to join the group.
Anyone staying up looking at the live stream right now?

I’m here.

i am!

I’m trying to create a chat, but with limited result

I just created a chat room, hope you have received an invite

Hi, I am here as well. Did you create a chat room as well? :slight_smile:

Chatroom up here
Msg dangraf for invite

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Hi All. I am based in Stockholm. Was not able to stay up that late, but watching the recording at the moment.

Hi there guys, I’m based in Malmö. I’m glad to see people taking this course who are based in Sweden.

Yesterday evening I found the time to continue with part 2 of the course and tried to install Starlette and Uvicorn. Starlette worked well with a aconda install, but uvicorn came up with dependency errors. I posted this in the AWS local install group and have had no replies. Perhaps someone in here could help? I’m a n00b at Python and it’s environments so I don’t quite know where to start for correcting dependencies especially as
conda info didn’t give me anything to work on:

conda install -c conda-forge uvicorn
Solving environment: failed

UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be in conflict:
  - pytorch-nightly -> *[track_features=cuda92]
  - uvicorn
Use "conda info <package>" to see the dependencies for each package.

Grateful for any tips on where to start looking for a solution.
Can I run starlette/uvicorn in the same enviro as fastaia or should i create a new virtual enviro in conda for this?
Is it possible to use pip to install in combination with conda or should I keep to just keep to conda?

I just posted a question in the GCP thread about how to set up an IDE for working in the cloud. I feel I’m missing something awfully obvious here. I’m trying to develop a service as in this weeks assignment for the course part 2 and can’t get it to configure locally (Starlette and uvicorn) so I have to use GCP. On GCP I managed to get the enviro working and even did a test using vim (eeewwww!) to enter code and start a tiny test server. But there must be a better way than vim? What kind of a development environment do you guys use?