Study Group Starting 4/21 4PM PST

Our study group has been meeting for a year now and have decided to go over the data ethics course next. We will be meeting once a week so the course should take ~6 weeks ending on May 26th. See you there!

We will be holding the study groups on the official discord here: Discord / live coding details
Please join the #active-study groups channel and join “Cluster of Stars” study group. We will have text discussion in the “Study Groups - discussion” channel, and voice chat in the “fastai study groups channel”


Hi Molly,

Just posting here the duration of the videos for the ethics course:

Lesson 1 : 1:26:11
Lesson 2: 1:18:16
Lesson 3: 50:37
Lesson 4.1: 1:08:33
Lesson 4.2: 38:40
Lesson 5.1: 19:56
Lesson 5.2: 20:29
Lesson 5.3: 20:17
Lesson 6: 57:23

Which should help us organize the schedules for the video viewing.

Best regards,

Our next video for next week: part 2 of the disinformation lesson:

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