Study Group Running in Brisbane (and online) March 2019 - Thursdays 12:30pm (UTC+10)


I’ve started a study group in Brisbane for Deep Learning Part 1 (2019 version). It’s running out of the Expedia office and online. 15 people are in the group.

If anyone is interested in joining (from any location), it’s not too late (we did Lesson 1 on March 14th and have the kinks ironed out, so it’s a good time to join if you’re willing to do a little catch-up).

See here for joining details:

Schedule is here:

Let me know any questions, happy to help you get up and running so you can catch up with the group.

-Matt Callanan

HI @mattcallanan, I am keen to join the group. Slack invite is not working anymore.

Please let me know about the next steps.


Hi @arora_aman ,


Try this link: (expires in 7 days)

We’ll be reviewing Lesson 5 next Thursday. See github page for videoconferencing details.

So watch the lessons, and do as many of the notebooks as you can and see you next Thursday. Any q’s reach out on Slack.


Thanks @mattcallanan

Great initiative mate! See you Thursday! :slight_smile: