Study group Polska

Hmm… maybe meanwhile we could work together on some small project? Could works better (than just talking) as “practice the part 1 material” :wink:


Yes! Makes perfect sense. We could team up for kaggle comp or do you have any project ideas?

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I’m in for project and :slight_smile:


Is there Warsaw study group for 2019 v1 course?

We were meeting online during the fastai live part 1. Perhaps will restart for part 2 starting March 18 if it’s going to be in the same format. Having said that it might be a good idea to refresh part 1 material before part 2 starts. There are 7 weeks to go…

Thanks, I will try to do v1 till March.

you can checkout they’re doing on-line study group.

@miwojc Jeremy still isn’t sure about part2 Part 2 v3 live online like Part 1 v3?

Can I ask for invitation to ?

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fastaiPolska łączy siły z Kaggle Polska :slight_smile:

Odliczamy tygodnie do part 2 i przypominamy materiał z part 1: jedna lekcja na tydzień, dzisiaj omawiamy lekcje pierwsza!

Dołącz do nas!

Arek udostępnił link na Facebooku:

Na stronie umieściłem naszę następne spotkanie do (tym razem lekcja 1) a na mojej stronie opisałem dzisiejsze zmagania z konfiguracją środowiska Google Colab oraz AWS :slightly_smiling_face:

@Michal_w @piotr.czapla @tillia @abicz @sayko @wojtekcz @Blanche


Masz jak mnie wpościć?

tez tak mialem, podobno trzeba byc w tej grupie fejsbukowej
link to meetupa:
dzisiaj o 20 21
do zobaczenia i uslyszenia :slight_smile:

nie wpusza mnie na to spotkanie jak klikam w ten link…
Edit: wtorki o 21.00

Witam! Po przerwie mam nadzieje ze wrocimy do wspolpracy w Part 2

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Bardzo chetnie!

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Hi, I have started a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedback from organizers and participants to identify best practices and avoid some gaps.

Information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I’m MD/PhD student from Jagiellonian Univ in Kraków and leading a small research team working on medical image processing. Looking for collaborators interested in clinical implementation of AI – we’ve already done some basic work including automatic liver & aorta presentation with SOTA results. Also personally I’d love to learn more about deep learning, does anyone know if Polish study group has regular meetups right now?


Hi jwitos,

Nice to hear from you nice subject good that you are expert in domain, how we can work together ?


Hi @jwitos, glad you asked. We had regular study group meetings during the ‘live’ version of the part 1 course. Now some of us are doing ‘live’ part 2 and i think we have enough interest to start the group meetings again. I will announce details soon!

Would be great to learn more about your team’s research work!

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Lets schedule some meeting and throw some ideas ???

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