Study Group In Thailand

Hi! if you are living in Thailand or speaking Thai, let make a study group. If anyone interested let’s join the +8 timezone slack workspace and don’t forget to join #thai channel.

สวัสดีครับ มีใครจากไทยบ้าง จะได้มาช่วยกัน เราใช้ Slack ของ timezone +8 กันแล้วกัน จะได้คนเยอะๆ แล้วก็อย่าลืมกด join ห้อง #thai ด้วยครับ

Join Slack for +8 timezone learners / ลิงก์ Slack

PS. Please shout out if you are from Thailand, or live in Thailand so all of us will know that we are not lonely here.
ปล. ใครมาจากไทยช่วย comment หน่อยครับ จะได้รู้ว่ามีกันอยู่เยอะไหม เผื่อช่วยกันได้


I’m interested, but I live in UTC +7 timezone.

Please let me know how to join your Slack channel.

Hi Tanat @xxx I also live in Thailand. There are very few people in +7 and +8 so we better join together. To join Slack, just click the blue link “Join Slack for +8 timezone learners / ลิงก์ Slack”. Sign up for an account. After you have sign up you can either use the web version or desktop version. The workspace path is

Let me know if you need any further help.


Aren’t we HYPED! Last few sessions was just me and @kora. The slack seems to be for the whole time zone. If you don’t mind, might I suggest using Data Science Bangkok as a discussion board / in-person study group appointment?

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Hi @cstorm125, I’m the guy from Jitta attending your Reinforcement Learning Meetup last time. Nice to meet you here.

PS. not sure if I can attend this week, though. I’ll try to keep up from the repo.

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Nice! Excuse me for maybe fanboying a bit. I’ve always admired the good work of the Jitta team.

@cstorm125 Thanks so much. We’ll try to keep up our good work.

คนไทยคับ เข้ากรุ๊ป slack ของ +8 timezone ไว้แล้ว


Yo anyone wanna do some physical meetup? We’re having ThaiNLP meetup this Thursday at Fortune Tower; we can chat then.

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@cstorm125 Wow, how many meetups do you organize? You seem very active. Super impress.

Can we have a physical lecture room where we meet and watch youtube live together? We can chat while watching like a real lecture.

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Most lectures are on weekdays morning so I think it will be hard to gather people together. Except we choose to watch recorded videos.

after nlp session would be nice :slight_smile:


This is not me I’m just helping @kora

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