Study group in SF / Berkeley

Hi all!

Anybody interested in doing a study group somewhere in SF or Berkeley?
Given what Jeremy announced yesterday, I’m thinking of starting from a deep dive in PyTorch in parallel to doing the first lesson. See also here:

Tonight I’m going to attend the PyLadies meetup, would be great if any of you joined:

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for posting the link to our fastai Deep Learning Study Group!

A bunch of folks who took v3 part 1 started this group and attend regularly. Some are also enrolled in part 2. We meet weekly at USF’s downtown campus (101 Howard St. SoMa, SF).

We are in discussions with Capital One - they may host us and provide food, so check the address as it might change in the next month or so.


Hi Deena,

I didn’t realise that was an actual study group towards the lessons - thanks that’s great, will see you later then.