Study Group in Seattle

Hey everyone. I wanted to see if there any fastai students in Seattle who would like to meetup to watch and discuss the upcoming lectures of the latest version of the Deep Learning Part 1 course. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there,

I could potentially be interested in this. I’m currently in north Seattle.

Great! Feel free to hit me up at and we can coordinate.:slight_smile:

Hello from a fellow Seattleite! I’m open to doing any meetups for watching lectures or studying.

Yay! Yeah I am trying to figure out what could be a good space to watch. If I had been less lazy I think could have worked with one of the companies to offer a space and a screen. :sweat_smile:

COOOL!!! I’m in NC for this week, but will be back to Seattle on Monday. It would be cool to sync up y’all!

I am in Bellevue, but count me in too for any meetups.

I’m in Oregon, but visiting Seattle twice in November. Count me in for any virtual meetups or in-person in November.

I’m up for meetup - virtual or otherwise


Hi, I’m Nursultan. I’m also open to meetups! I live in Northgate.

Hi. I am Mohan. I live in Bellevue. Following the lesson on my own right now. Open to having meet-ups to discuss the topics covered.

Hey I’m also based in Seattle, I’m down to meet up and form a study group

Hi All,

is there a meetup created? Can you please share if there is one? else I can create a new one if anyone is interested, please send me an email

I invited you to the group. Feel free to spark life into it. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, I’m up in Bothell. Definitely interesting in meeting with folks.

Hi everyone, I am in Northgate and would love to meet folks interested in the course.

Hi, I’m in Seattle and open to meeting. I had also spotted a meetup group that had appeared for this purpose in Seattle, but don’t know whether it got off the ground

We had a meeting and then I think everyone got busy. Happy to give it another shot if someone wants to be leader.

good to know there is interest, anyone looking into any kaggle competition yet? we can join forces to work on a competition? I think meeting remotely is the best way when people are in different places. We can meet in person once in a while. @le_mack @tyler @alvisanovari @mfarooq

I just tried my first Kaggle competition with the PUBG Win Place Prediction. Didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I learned a ton!