Study group in Seattle?

Hello Everyone, are there folks taking this course in Seattle area?

yep, I am in the Seattle area :slight_smile:

Cool. Let’s keep in touch. May be get together once a week for study / working session.

Do you live in Seattle or Eastside? My email is - email me and we will go from there.


I am in Vancouver BC, but my husband aspires to come down to Seattle twice a month (and I aspire to come down more like once a month). ducky at

sounds good, will email you . Do you have an idea where can we find the live stream links?

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Not yet. I am hoping we find that out by tomorrow.

Hello Kaitlin (Ducky). thank you for responding. We can always touch base as and when appropriate for you folks. I will start an email thread to figure out the logistics. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to studying together.

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Hi Kaitlin :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you as well. Let us know whenever ur in town :slight_smile:

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I dont think i have all your emails so I am going to use this thread to set up the first meet/study session.

How about later in the week? Say Thursday / Friday evening? May be we can code a fresh Python Notebook as far as Jeremy did in Lecture 8?

@ranakj thoughts?


That sounds good to me, week days around downtown is better for me, weekends east side is better. We could also do remote :slight_smile:


Agreed. I would prefer like 6 pm during a week day so we can meet in Seattle or we can always do remote.

Which will work better for you?

I caught a flu this week, won’t be able to make it for meeting. Lets share here what our study plan for the weekend is! How does that sound?

Sorry to reply late. Your plan does sound good but unfortunately I rushed through Part I to be able to finish prereqs for part 2 but now I realized that I have to do Part I nicely.

So I am actually on to doing pieces of Part I first and a bit behind the class now by two weeks :frowning:

I realize I’m late to the party, but is anyone interested in forming a study group for the Fast AI ML course? This is different to the Deep Learning course