Study Group in Omaha, NE

(Kevin Bird) #1

@hiromi, @metachi, and I have been getting together (almost) every week to learn more and have some dedicated machine learning time. If you are in Omaha or close, we usually meet either Tuesday or Wednesday just send me a note and I will get you more information!

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(James Dietle) #2

Im actually moving to Omaha In June and will live on 91st

Where do you guys meet up?

(Kevin Bird) #3

There is a place called the Do Space on 72nd & Dodge that we meet from 7-9pm (they close at 9)

(James Dietle) #4

Are you still doing the study group? I am now in town and available on a tuesday :slight_smile:

(Kevin Bird) #5

Yeah, we get together most weeks. I will add you to our meetup thread.