Study Group in NZ


I am in Auckland, New Zealand. Any other kiwi taking part 2 want to meetup up do an online study group??

Hi Patrick

Are you doing the 2019 version of the course? I would be keen to study with someone.



Hey Clive,

Was building up the motivation to do 2019 version but havent started yet.

I would be keen as to study together!

Are you in Auckland?

Cheers, Pat

Yes. I am in Auckland. I “work” in Wynyard Quarter most week days.

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I work in Albany, but I live in Kingsland. So I am always going past wynard quarter.

We could meet there regularly for study session? Any work day after 4pm would suit me

Also interested to hear what “work” means!

Sorry for the slow replies. I keep forgetting the password for this forum :sweat_smile:
Just making the push to spend some serious time working on Part 1 2019

Hey Clive, duno if your still at it.

I just quit my job and I’m going full study mode.

I also started a meetup group to hopefully find people to study with you should come along if your still keen.

Its at Grid AKL tech cafe in Wynard Quarter


Hi Peter - we seem to be on similar paths. I am in the grid cafe (lysart buiulding) most days. Keen to meet for a coffee and chat.

Clive 021 1839381

Sounds good, I’ll give you a txt next time I am in the grid building.

I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks from next week. But come late June should be round pretty regularly.