Study Group in Norway


I am Gurvinder, living in Trondheim, Norway. If anyone taking this course live, would be good to connect.

Hi Joining here from Helsinki. It’s not the same time zone but wanted to see what’s going on in the Nordic neighbours

Hi Won. I have done earlier fast si courses as well. The reason for joining this course is to get to know more about v1 api as well anything new comes up this time. How about you. Studying at Aalto or working. I lived in Espoo for a year sometime back during my master at Aalto

Hi I am currently working as a software engineer :slight_smile: studied at metropolia university. I’ve done fast ai part 1 last version as well. Main reason is also checking out v1 api. Interested in doing machine learning professionally

So you looking into some specific domain or in general applying ML or kaggle competitions. I am applying mainly to some medical research images and time series datasets.

Ultimately I am want to use it for finance domain. But in a near future, I just want to follow the course and do some stuff in all of computer vision, NLP, recommendations systems.