Study group in New Delhi?

Hey everyone!
I will be taking the part 2 through international fellowship. Anyone in and around Delhi interested in forming a study group for the same?

Hi Harsh! Count me in.

Should we make a whatsapp group?

Fine by me. Check inbox!

I am in Noida.

So count me in too.

Inbox me your number.

Hye lads, count me in!

Hi guys, here’s the link to the WhatsApp group.

Hi guys,
add me also, i am form rohini, delhi.

I am from Rohini as well. Great to see so many people from Delhi!

I’d like to join too.

I am from Delhi as well.

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I’m also in Noida, so count me in. I’ve also message you my number, Rudraksh.

Everything is using the whatsapp link to join the group

Glad to see so many deep learning enthusiasts from Delhi

Is any of you working in deep learning either for computer vision or for nlp?


Work primarily in Vision.


I am also looking for opening in deep learning can I forward you my resume?

I don’t think i would be useful for that, i myself am looking for new work.

i work on computer vision,

Here’s the link to Slack and WhatsApp groups.