Study group in Mumbai?

(Ranjeet Singh) #1

Hi, I’m Ranjeet from Lucknow, International Fellow for upcoming part2 currently working as a Data Scientist in Mumbai. Lets form a study group for Mumbai for better and collabrative learning experience.

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(Rajneesh Kumar) #2

Hi Ranjeet, This is Rajneesh and I am too from Lucknow and work in Mumbai :grinning: :
Happy to be part of the group. Let us talk more how can we collaborate?

(Ranjeet Singh) #3

That’s great Ranjeesh, Lets connect on whatsapp then we plan further. My number is 9041362736

(Abhinav Verma) #4

Hi Ranjeet,
I’m a little late to the party but I would love to be part of the study group.My contact number is 9820234828.

(jatin patni) #5

Happy to join a study group in Mumbai to discuss ideas :slight_smile:

(Sonu) #6

Hi this is Sonu. I’d love to be a part of study group.