Study Group in Lagos

Hi guys In Lagos, let’s discuss the course here. Looking forward to great learning and collaboration !!

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Hey lawrence, am in lagos.

Hi. Femi here :wave: i’m looking forward to having a most productive experience in this study group. I would like to know if there’s any plan as to how we conduct sessions.

hi, I’m Memunat, I’m in Lagos. @gokeibrahim, you might be interested

Hello Everyone!
This is Aya from Cairo Egypt.

Hello @Aya , you’re welcome

Hi guys,
I wrote a medium post about my experience learning ml over the summer, please let me know you thoughts.

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Hello team. Yeah I found you (dancing). Thanks to Memunat. I am in Lagos.

yaay! You’re welcome onboard @opsy

Hello guys, are we going to organize meet-ups or how do we intend to learn together?

@Memunati yes we should organize meetups. Anyone with space that can accommodate?
For the meantime, keep dinning on Lesson1 and think of project ideas :slight_smile:

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welcome @opsy

I’m so delighted to be here.

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hi guys, i’m Hakeem from Lagos. any body wanna out me upto date about the group.:smiley: