Study group in Johannesburg, SA

If anyone else plans on going through these broadcasts at 3:30am in Johannesburg, then let’s get together and discuss each week? Would it suit you to do this in Sandton?

I’m based in Sandton and am enrolled. Still a tad unsure on the format but am more than happy to collaborate with you.

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Me too TBH. What would you suggest? Could simply grab coffee in the week there is a lesson to discuss…

I’m keen as well. Coffee would be good, also based in Sandton. I think the best way to learn is to start using the new library on your own project as soon as possible

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Anyone keen for coffee tomorrow at 12:30 at Santon square somewhere?

I’m keen, let’s meet near the statue

Sounds good. See you at 12:30

Hey Chris, I can’t make it anymore today, there was a big work function at 12h00 which I thought was cancelled but it isn’t actually cancelled, so I must go to that. Can we meet next week instead?

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Sure. Maybe some off the other JHB participants will be available the as well.
Wednesday 12:30?

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I’m going to struggle then :frowning:

When will work for you Ronald?

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Lets try and set up another coffee. Maybe tomorrow 15 Nov, 12:30 or 16:00?

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Good morning
How about Thursday 12:30? Anyone still keen to try and meet up?

Just checking if this is still active…new to
Spent 2 days on v3 so far and it’s been awesome