Study Group in Central America Time Zone

Hola! The ones that don’t have daylight savings :slight_smile:

I’m from Costa Rica, is somebody around this area interested? Could be in spanish!
Anyone is more than welcome, but this invitation intends to reach those on the area primarily :wink:


Hi @pherra! I’m Brian. I don’t speak Spanish, but I live in Mexico! Did you get any traction on this that’s not written here? I’m interested.

I studied NN in college, but that was ages ago. I’ve done a few other things and have come full circle, but I’m still struggling a bit.

Hi @bhollan, nice to meet you! There’s a “spanish” slack. I’m sure you’ll find good people to chat there. It was mostly for spanish speakers, but they speak english too :slight_smile: Otherwise, you can always DM me there or here too.

Unfortunately, haven’t heard of Central America representation, yet. On Jeremy’s tweet it looked like on Mexico and Costa Rica were here.

Good luck!