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Hi everyone,
I am planning on conducting physical meetup in Bangalore on Saturdays for discussing that weeks lesson/assignments. Details of venue and other details will be updated shortly. Lets stay connected and work together.

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(Sharwon Pius) #2

Sounds good!
Looking forward to it.

(Seema Goel) #3

Sure, Count me in

(Shashank Shekhar) #4

I am open for the meetup if it is in the evening. Thanks a lot for organizing :grinning:

(Sanjeeth veigas) #5

yes…Count me in… we should have a meetup on saturdays…

(Rishubh Khurana) #6

Count me in too

(Vijay Kumar) #7

me too

(Saurabh Jha) #8

great lets meet up

(Akash Goel) #9

Count me in :wink:

(Sanjiv Soni) #10

I am in.


First session is planned to be held on Saturday, 24th March. Venue is Reverie Language Technologies, HSR Layout
Time - 10:00 am. Reach out to me via DM in case of any doubt.

(chunduri) #12

Do we have meetup planned for tomorrow?

(vibhor sood) #13

Is anyone working in deep learning with natural language processing or in computer vision?

(Ashish Sardana) #14

I work on Computer Vision in Healthcare sector.
How about you?

(vibhor sood) #15


I am presently in Delhi and looking for work.

Can you ping me on my email at and I can forward you my resume.

I will be very thankful if you can forward my resume to your company and friends.

Thanks in advance

(Karthik) #16

Hey everyone,

is another meetup happening soon?