Study group in Bangalore

Anyone interested to form a study group in Bangalore? Would love to meet offline to share resources and learn more :slight_smile:


We’re planning to meet today in Koramangla, Bangalore at 5.30pm.

Anyone who’s in Bangalore, do join us. Looking forward to the meetup! Please DM @puru for details.

Is there a meet-up planned for this week? Missed it last week as I was travelling.

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I will be available this week. If anyone can host us at their office, that be great. Or, a space that has good connectivity and a whiteboard is ideal.

Please share details in this thread.

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Please join this slack group for upcoming updates, discussions etc.

Is this only for in-person, if it is online would love to join and learn along :slight_smile:

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please feel free to join :slight_smile:

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Same here. Though I’m in India, Bangalore is still fairly far away for me :sweat_smile:


Hey Folks, let’s have a meetup sometime around Christmas.

@puru could you reshare the slack invite link, as the given one isn’t working.

We could also meet-up once this week. It is due now based on our bi-weekly meeting plans.


Wondering if this is still happening ? Would like to meet folks here in Bangalore :slight_smile:

Hi, I have started this course recently. Are you interested in meeting up and creating a new community again in Bangalore.

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Hey, sure let’s do that.

yes I am in Bangalore too

Damn, didn’t knew that this existed! I’m in Bangalore and I’d be up to meet up sometime too!