Study Group in Austin, TX

(Ariel Gamiño) #1

Anyone interested in forming a study group in Austin, TX, post here.

(Kal) #2

You doing in-person or virtual, I’m north SA so not too bad

(Ariel Gamiño) #3

We can figure it out, either way would work. I work in Austin, live north.

(Robbie Zuazua) #4

Hey everyone! Im in austin - hyde park area. I’d be interested in either virtual and in-person meetups.


I work downtown, live in Dripping Springs.

(Kal) #6

Do we keep this in the forums or make a discord channel and leave a link here?

(Ariel Gamiño) #7

I thought this was discord. Is that something different?

(Kal) #8

I think most people do Slack or Discord

(Ariel Gamiño) #9

Any preference on the day/time to meet?

(Kal) #10

I’m good with whatever, pretty flexible here

(Kal) #11

Hi Austin. I like this live concept and the 6vote threshold. I’m interested in medical image recognition and some categorical data clustering.

(Ariel Gamiño) #12

I’ve been playing with fast ai ULM fit text classification, pretty powerful stuff.

(Ariel Gamiño) #13

Anyone interested on getting together (through hangouts or xoom) before the class on Monday at 7:30?

(Kal) #14

I’m trying to think of ideas where it would be useful to meetup virtual or IRL. Most of the time I’m just running through code or doing Kaggle stuff. We should brainstorm on things that might be good to do as a group.

I was thinking of picking a Kaggle competition and then working on one part of it or deciding on a group project to do for that week. Each week we would pick a different objective based on the lesson.

(Ariel Gamiño) #15

We could, not sure if we could do a project every week though, maybe a few weeks at a time? Also, I was under the impression we would get homework through this? Maybe we can work on that?

(Kal) #16

That’s a good idea. I think Jeremy usually says something along the lines of “apply the lessons we learned today to your own data.” So we can take whatever he says, interpret it, and then come up with a constructive applied task that would be fun to do as a group.

(Kal) #17

@gamino Looked into any webapp stuff yet? Looking at Jeremy’s recommendations at:

(Ben) #18

Did this study group ever get off the ground? I’m also in Austin.

(Ariel Gamiño) #19

We didn’t meet, will try again on part 2