Study group in Austin or Online world

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working as a data scientist with focus on unsupervised learning. But I am really interested to learn about several concepts in deep learning. I have know about this course for the past one year but I have been very choppy in my preparation. My lack of motivation can be attributed to laziness, focusing on different area of machine learning in work and lack of time. I have started 2017 course and didn’t continue after 3 lectures. I have started 2018 DL1 course and finished upto 4 lectures.

But, I am not able to sustain the momentum for long. So I am looking for people who are in similar positions or mindset and who are interested in being part of a study group. I don’t mind travelling close to a study location near your place if it saves you some time on transportation. I am also willing to be in an online study group.

I used to study in groups until my graduation and can understand how people can motivate each other and keep up the study spirit. I also care about understanding the concepts from your perspective. I like discussion and listening to other’s perspective.

What I a can bring to the table and accomplish is

  1. My data science experience might help in some areas of this course.
  2. Finished few lectures in DL1. So I can help you if there is any trouble in the initial phases.
  3. Whenever there is lack of self-motivation, I can pull you up and help you move forward without dropping the course.

Also, if there are any suggesting from anyone who has gone through this situation, please share your experiences.

PS: I am not looking just for who are fluent in English etc. Even if you have trouble with the language used in the course , I am willing to be study with you and be patient all along the journey.


@deeplearner join us here TWIMLAI online group we are at lesson 2!

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Thanks a lot.