Study Group - Huggingface Reinforcement Learning

Online Study Group - Fridays 4:00-5:30pm PT (23:00-00:30 UTC). We use discord for meetings: Discord / live coding details. Our study group channel is the #cluster-of-stars)

We are currently starting the Hugging Face Intro to Deep Reinforcement Learning. An Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning. The first project is to land a lunar lander on the moon in a 2d environment. See you there!

We have been studying deep learning together for well over 2 years (maybe 3?) now. Some of our members have been through previous versions of the course, the Hugging Face courses, contributed to fastai, and have covered a lot more material as well. While others new members have just finished the 2022 fastai course. So come say hi :slight_smile:


Just found it, very captivating article. Definitely must read/learn!