Study Group : Delhi/NCR

Hey Guys, let’s use this topic to stay close and connected. We can do unbelievably more if we’re together.

About me:
I’m Saransh. I’m self-taught and my journey down this rabbit hole started nearly 1.5 years ago. I’ve done a few awesome projects and have been a Research Intern in DL/CV @Defence R&D Org and others in the past.
Currently developing strong, state-of-the-art Video Intelligence models at an awesome high-paced startup and researching on a new optimization algorithm alongside.

UPDATE : Join this slack channel for local Meetups [ Thanks @noskill ]


Great! I’m in

I think we should add this wiki thread in the study groups mentioning thread.

You can add me in too.

@saransh661 I have added this to study-groups list maintained here. It would be easier for delhi/ncr people to find it now.
I have created a slack group here. Please feel free to join.We can use this group for Lecture discussions, doubts clarification, meetups etc.
Also there are about 68 participants from Delhi NCR. Once everybody joins we can decide the place for meetups and other things.

I’ve been extremely busy for a few days but that is exactly what I had in mind.
Great work!

Hey, could you please change the name to Delhi/NCR. There might be people from noida and other nearby places also.


I have joined the Slack. I will be in Delhi after 2 weeks. Currently in New York.

I am in.

great, have joined slack

Hey, please count me in.

I am Abhay Varma, I work at Standard Chartered Bank Gurgaon.

I am new to Deep Learning, but I am sure will be able to contribute to the group.


Hi everyone,
I am Alok from Gurgaon. Good to see a group for NCR.


Anyone up here?

Hey! Here from Gurgaon.

hey! everyone.

Hello everyone, I am Shubham from Delhi. Started working on NLP based projects. Excited to up my skills here.

I am Ritika from Gurgaon. Good to see a group for NCR.

Hello guys, I am Tushar from Gurgaon. Excited to be here !

Which GPU platform are you using for this course?