Study group & course discussion in Egypt

Are there other people from Egypt here?
Or more generally Arabic speaking students?


Hello @rashwan yes
Do you plan to watch course on live stream?

Yes , at least the first lecture until we know if a recording would be available.

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Hi :wave:
I’m not in Egypt but I am an Arabic native speaker!

I plan to catch the live streams, I’m sure they are worth it. :slight_smile:


Aya, From Cairo Here
Hello Everyone

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I’ve created a Slack channel for the study group to create more organized discussion & coordinate for possible future meet-ups. Feel free to share the link with anyone interested in taking the course. Egypt study group

did anyone here try to set up a google cloud account. my credit cards are being rejected :frowning:

I have an account there, did you try to set the country to US?

!اني احكي عربي
Could you share your colab notebook on flower classification?

Is there any study groups that are still working?