Struggling to setup the environment

I am on lesson 3, and so far I can follow the concepts and the code, but am struggling with setting up the environment. I like Kaggle the best, but when I try to run the code in Lesson 2, I can’t seem to import fastbook. This bit of code tells me there’s no such module:

! [ -e /content ] && pip install -Uqq fastbook
import fastbook

I can get it to work in colab, but in colab, I can’t download any images. The search_ddg function returns a list of urls, but all the links are broken. It doesn’t seem to matter what search term I use, I can’t download any images.

So I am trying to run code on my local machine, but connect to kaggle for the gpu. I went through this tutorial to try to use kaggle with vscode in a remote container, but this seems to assume a much greater familiarity with vscode than I have.

I would like to find one environment that “just works”. Has anyone found a resource that was helpful for setting up the environment? For now I am resigned to just watching the videos without running code.

Update: As soon as I finished writing this, I went back to lesson 3 and he mentioned Paperspace. I will check that out. If anyone has other suggestions, I am still open to them.

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Hey Brad, :wave:

I’m sorry to read that you’re having so much trouble.

Here is a link of my bird or not bird notebook from the first lecture.

Do you want to try running that on colab and see if you have any luck? I’ve just double checked and it worked for me? :thinking:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply. Yep, that worked for me too. I don’t know why my earlier attempt didn’t work. I was getting images links that didn’t open.

Thanks again for your help. I’m still going to try Paperspace :slight_smile: