Structured Data - how to use trained model

Hi, I’ve successfully adapted the Rossman example to my own dataset with classification problem.

I’m having difficulties in figuring out how to use the trained model to:

  • view predictions with original input dataset
  • use prediction from model for just one example (not the whole dataset) so that I can create a web service with the predictions
  • where can I view the model weights ?
  • same as above, how can I inspect the embedding weights in a T-SNE visualization?

Hi Allesandro,

After fitting a model “m”, you can save the model using“my_model.pkl”). You can re-load it using m.load(“my_model.pkl”).

You can get predictions from the validation data using

You can get predictions from the test dataset using
pred_test=m.predict(True); pred_test = np.exp(pred_test)

Did you figure out how to get the model weights, especially the embedding weights? I would also like to do that.

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Sorry for my long time to reply! But a thanks is in order here!