Startup with jupyter notebook issue

Hi these,

Sorry if this question is already asked, I’m new, used the search button but I could not find any answer. In lesson 1 is explained:

Step 1 is to get your server set up by following the instruction form the forum or course website. vary in price and speed. The final step will show you someting like this:

I dont understand how to get to this jupyter notebook environment, as I cannot find any instuction on how to set up this jupyter environment working both on the website and the github.

How can I clone the whole repository so that I can see all the notebooks. Now I used Google Collab but is it possible to run all notebooks form here by downloading them one by one?

Can someone please help me? Thanks!


to add on my previous comment: I’m now reading Jupyter notebook instructions on Google Collab, which does not make sense at all:

if you followed one of our tutorials in the previous section, you should have been left in the course folder just click on, just click on nbs and d11
I don’t understand how they can refer to tutorials in the previous section. This is the first notebook they refer to in the first video. :roll_eyes:

The images in the book correspond to the original Jupyter notebook interface. Colab notebooks are Jupyter notebooks that are hosted by Collab with their own twist on the interface. If you want to have the same interface on the cloud, I think is the only option (?) here: (0.392$/hour)

If you are using Collab to view and run the notebooks, you can do:

  1. File - Open notebook - Github
  2. In the search field type in “fastai/fastbook” and search, click on the notebook you wish to open.

It took me some time to understand what happening in the video too. :smiley:

So on the screenshot you see that they are running Jupyter Notebook locally.
For the same exact session you have to clone the fastbook repo.

git clone

and then install jupyter notebook itself

pip install notebook

now you can run it with

jupyter notebook

The extra twist here is that the notebooks are in the clean folder not in the course-v4 folder anymore

But I guess it is safe to say that the most easiest way to run is to open them from colab.

Thank you for the replies, so @Skeletor48, now I indeed have the repository cloned on my local pc.

Hi @janetbran , did your reply ended up in the correct topic?