Starting Part 2, Are the Version 2 Videos Available?

Hey guys,

I took part 1 last summer and I’ve been getting increasingly excited about starting part 2. I know that deep learning is an incredibly quickly changing field and the part 2 videos are now about 10 months old. I bet it’s still fundamentally similar but I’d love to stay up to date with the current best architectures all while learning the fundamentals.

Is there any way I could access the version 2 videos yet? It sounds like there was a live stream available and I’m wondering if anyone recorded it and would be willing to share? I’d really appreciate it!

Excited to get going,

Hi @aidoraide, I asked the same here – unfortunately no reply yet.

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The MOOC for part2-2018 version should be out very soon! It’s highly recommend to be fully familiar with part1-2018 concepts before watching the part2 videos.

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Great @narvind2003 ! How soon is very soon?

Also what concepts have changed from part 1 2017 to 2018? Is it just Pytorch or is there more to it?

Lots of improvements in NLP… better training strategies etc.
The actual date of release of the MOOC depends on Jeremy but we are going to have the final lesson tomorrow. Maybe we’ll hear from him about the dates during the lesson and I’ll post here.

In that case I think I’ll redo the second half of part 1 since that was where the NLP was focused.

Ok cool. Yea that would be great. I have a bunch of time off so I’m itching to get going ASAP. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long.

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