Starting My Journey and my path to learn the material

Yesterday i started my Deep Learning journey through the course after many times of starting and stoping, but this time the plan is to stick to it and have the tenacity to continue to learn slowly and steadily until i have the confidence to enter kaggle competition and understand the basics and first principles related to the field of deep learning. so i’m gonna put my plan publicly for 2 reason:
1- It will keep me motivated during the harsh times
2- Hopefully someone will benefit of this plan

So My Plan is as the following:

  1. Biweekly (i.e each 2 weeks) i will watch one lesson
  2. I will write one or multiple blog posts about the topic(s)/code discussed in that lesson
  3. Do further research on what was mentioned in the lesson
  4. Read the papers related to the topic discussed (i.e papers of the models/topics mentioned during the lecture)
  5. Read the proper chapter of that lesson in the book
  6. Write the code multiple times, until i can write it from scratch without looking at the reference notebook, and being able to apply it to other datasets and be comfortable tweaking it
  7. Develop my own toy project(s) around the topic/models discussed during that lesson
  8. Share what i learned with the community
  9. Each week i will revise the & quickly go over the material discussed in previous weeks in order to keep the topics in my mind and not to forget them, also will help maybe in linking the topics together.
  10. Try to participate in kaggle competition
  • That’s the to do list that i need to check at the end of every lesson for the first part of the course before moving into the next lesson.
  • I’m sure that the deeper i go into the course the longer this todo list will take to finish maybe more than 2 or even 3 weeks, if i give 3 to 5 hours a day for the next 3 month, that’s okay at the end it’s a journey that i wanna enjoy and learn as much as i can during it. Also, that’s the outcome i wanna achieve out of taking this course, so that’s why this list has those goals.

Basically, this is my to do list (i.e study plan) for every lesson i take in the first part of the course.

If you wanna join i will be more than happy to have companies to share progress and lessons learned and keep each other motivated and learn from each other. Or if you have suggestions please reply i’m more than happy to hear from other members!

I hope you find this helpful
Thank you


Hey! I would love to join in along with you. We can schedule a weekly Gmeet or something to converge and discuss. What do you say? I have also just began my journey. I am also intending to give ample in between any consecutive lessons (not biweekly, but weekly), allowing myself to really grasp the content by researching, reading etc. That might be one of the common aspects of our journey.

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Hi Tarek,
I would like to join your study plan. I am based in India (GMT +5:30). Let me know if you would like to connect please.
Anand Gopal

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I will contact you and schedule a meeting this weekend to arrange things

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I will contact you and schedule a meeting this weekend to arrange stuff

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Sounds great!

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Congrats on starting your journey. I will say things like this:

Are very ambitious and can take time. Careful not to hold yourself to an ultra prolific standard. Sometimes it’s worth it to gain the knowledge and move on. Still it’s a worthy plan. Good luck


Brother, I love to join the group because I was like you.what i thought of quiting and repeating fastai for many time but last week i decided to stick to the fastai wheather in the beginning i understood or not i work do fastbook. Grouping with like minded helps to grow everyone. If the plan is weekly its good…

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Hi Tarek,
It’s a great plan. I am also following kinda similar plan. Would love to join you to learn together.

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Great job on the study plan!

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Looks like an awesome plan, Tarek! Good luck!



This is great. I would love to join you! Let me know.


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Hi @TarekSw,
I joined the course today and found your plan resonating with my plan of action. I’ll be more than happy to be part of the learning group.

Is it still going on?, I’d also love to hop on board. We could even start a discord server and post down new ideas and stuff we figured out/working on.