Start a Startup in Seattle?

Looking for some project ideas/collaboration. Anyone in Seattle interested in working on a project (that could potentially be a startup) leveraging Fastai?

I’m up. What do you have in mind?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out :sweat_smile:

Do you have any rough idea on what you might be interested in working on?

I have an idea for a security system for children but I’m not sure how practical it will be.

I have a few vague high level ideas like using ML to optimize renewable energy (maybe interpreting sensor information) etc but unfortunately don’t have a lot of experience in the field.

I’m liking the sound of this! Also in Seattle. Have you heard of open climate fix?

It’s primarily based in the UK, but it could be fun to see ways we can leverage the idea stateside.


This looks awesome! Are you involved in the project?

I have volunteered my time to the project lead, but I have not heard back yet. Let me know if you’d like to brainstorm ideas to get involved in the project sometime.

Sorry, I’ve been inactive for a while. I’m still interested to collaborate.

We can use satellite images to try to determine if there is any relationship between the use of renewable energy sources and climate/vegetation etc. This is just an idea.