SSD Object Detection in V1

(J. Adolfo Villalobos) #1

Professor Howard, in the 2018 Advanced Course (Part 2) presented an example of SSD Single Shot Object Detection. It was a very interesting albeit complex notebook; unfortunately, it was written in Fastai V0.7.

I have ported the SSD notebook into Fastai V1 and it works very well. You can find it in my GitHub at

This was the most challenging model in the course and also a wonderful learning tool. I hope it will be of value to the community. In developing the model, I was inspired by previous work by Henin.


(Phuc Ng. Su) #2

page note found! please check the link

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(J. Adolfo Villalobos) #3

My apologies. Try again and let me know.

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(Allan Jackson) #4

Jose: It looks like you have put a tremendous amount of work into this notebook. It runs smoothly
There is, however, a typographic error on code line number 39. It is:
learn.load(F’/content/gdrive/My Drive/model-SSD/ssd_unfreeze_2_2’, strict=True)
Line number 39 Should Be:
learn.load(F’/content/gdrive/My Drive/ssd_unfreeze_2_2’, strict=True)
IN addition line 66 is:’/content/gdrive/My Drive/ssd_unfreeze_7)
Line number 66 should be:’/content/gdrive/My Drive/ssd_unfreeze_7’)
Please keep up the great work!

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