Split data into Train, Test and Validation Data

I have all the image in a folder and it’s labels in the form of label.csv [file_name, multi-labels]. I want to split this data into train, test, and validation.

I used datablock api, but it only splits into train and validation, for which I used the following code:

    data = (ImageList.from_df(labels[['file', 'label']].dropna(), path)
           .transform(tfms, size=128)

How do I split the same data into Train, Test, and Validation sets?
Is there an existing function/parameter to this?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jay. Typically an unlabelled Test set is provided by the machine leaning practitioner, or by the problem statement, or by the competition. Please see here for options for adding a Test set to the DataBunch:

If you want to split out your own Test set, IMHO the easiest way is to learn how to use DataFrames (Pandas). With DataFrames you can load in the csv, take a sample, write a new CSV, move files, etc. Then fastai will split the remaining set into Training and Validation.