Split_by_folder not working with symbolic links

I think it’s not a big bug, but I don’t have much time to dig into this, so I’m posting what I found here.

src = (ObjectItemList.from_folder('/mnt/hdd/data/aug/links')
        .split_by_folder(train='train', valid='val')

This is the exact same code during my experiment.
At first I had /mnt/hdd/data/aug/links/train as a soft link, and /mnt/hdd/data/aug/links/val as a real folder.
Also, in my get_y_func, I printed out the filename.

def get_y_func(o):

Then I found that there was no log containing train/xxx.png, they were all val/xxx.png.

When I deleted the symbolic link and moved the entire folder of images to /mnt/hdd/data/aug/links/train, I found that they were working correctly, in logs there are both train/xxx.png and val/xxx.png.

I can guarantee that the symbolic link is correct and I’m moving the exact same folder. It’s somehow really weird here.