Spain/European timezone virtual study group (April 2021)

We are looking for people to create a study group in the European timezone. We will meet on the weekends to discuss this weeks lecture, resolve doubts and compare approaches to the projects.

Our first meeting will be this weekend (24-25 of April) to discus lecture 2. Exact hour will be discussed with the members.

The meetings will be scheduled on European time zone (I am Spanish btw) but non Europeans that do not mind the time difference are also invited (of course).

If you are interested to join. Please reply to this post or contact me via discord (Iä! Iä! Shub Niggurath#8611).

Hi @Xalsar, I would like to join this study group. Did you already decide which date and time you’re going to do it?

Hi @Xalsar I’m also interested. I’ll it be via Discord, zoom?

Hi joao I am glad you are interested!

It would be via Discord. Our first meeting will be on Sunday morning if everyone agrees.

My username is: Iä! Iä! Shub Niggurath#8611

We have a discord server now, feel free to join:

Hi @joao we now have a discord server feel free to join:

Is that study group still active? I was planning to start a new one if it isn’t

Hello guys i would like to join your group