Spaced Repetition for APL [and Other Stuff]

Jeremy talked about spaced repetition in today’s session, in regards to remembering APL glyphs.

This is the best intro to spaced repetition that I have seen.

I very highly recommend it.


I also recommend using Anki for implementation. Shoeboxes are impractical for obvious reasons. One more thing to maintain and carry.

Anki is:

  • cross-platform (native clients available Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • completely free and open source project
  • with free sync across devices with no limits, with cloud backups
  • supportive of very rich ecosystem of external free, well-maintained extensions

I recommend using Anki for all platforms.

The only limitation is that the UI is lacking of modern elements. But you can make it better with extensions. Anki devs and maintainers deserve our heartfelt gratitude for maintaining this project and keeping it free.

This is the video tutorial that helped me get started with Anki flash cards. This is all you need to get started with Anki.

After watching the video, you can just Google stuff that you need.

The presenter is a med-student/doctor in the US, and Anki is really popular with med students in the US.

There is one more resource that I will recommend highly.

This is a book that has an unfortunate name, but it is short and crisp and each you much about note-taking, learning, and research.

(non-affiliate link).

Isn’t this book about taking notes using the Zettelkasten method? I don’t understand how the naming is unfortunate though, it’s literally about taking notes.

The main thing with this method is that you need to be super disciplined, so it might work for someone who is disciplined enough to maintain that process on a regular basis.

Have you read the book?

This book actually goes much beyond note-taking.

I do not use Zettelkasten in real life. But ended up learning useful lessons from this book.

Why would I read a book whose author wasn’t smart enough to give it the right title? :wink:

Obviously, I’m joking!! :joy:

Actually I haven’t had the time to read the book, but I came across it being introduced as THE resource for those interested in taking notes efficiently using the Zettelkasten method as most of the resources on that method are in German.

I did find Sönke Ahren’s talks quite interesting and learned a few things. Pretty much every talk he’s given, he’s talked about this one technique called Zettelkasten, so I think I’ll forgive myself for thinking this is the “One simple technique” mentioned in the title that he expands upon in his book on “How to take smart notes”.

Thanks for mentioning it. I think it’s a good resource.

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