Some Jeremy Memes


Just finished watching Part 1 2019 for about the 4th time after having watched all of ML for Coders Parts 1 & 2 2017 and 2018 and Machine Learning courses.
Looking forward to 2019 Part 2.

Was so inspired by Jeremy’s AMA answers at the end of 2019 p1 I just had to create some motivational posters. Take a look. ! :slight_smile: Note: You will need to Open image in New Tab to see them without GitHub’s cropping.

Keep up the great work Jeremy. I watch you on 1.5x speed so you may seem a little slow if I ever met you in person. :wink:



Great ! Whenever I feel tired or demotivated, just listen to him make me feel better.

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Great images! Jeremy and Rachel and Sylvain are living on a higher plane of consciousness than most of us will ever reach. For someone who says “I just piss around”, Jeremy and team have been more productive in accomplishing their stated goals than anyone person or organization I’ve seen. Maybe it just flows from being clear where they are going.



This I love, but so hard to do :frowning:

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