Some input cells are missing


While I try to convert jupyter notebook to html, I found that some input cells are missing.
When I check it in github, notebook display that input cell correctly. But in the webpage, that cell is missing, and only output is displayed.

correct notebook

display in fastpages

Is there any hiding option except #hide?
I also check the workflow log. But nothing is strange, and no errors.

Could someone help me about this?
Thanks in advance.

Notice the comment “# Export with dot”

That special comment means the cell is exported - at least as far as the convert to html is concerned.

You could change to “## Export with dot” or maybe remove the comment. For me the code says you’re exporting the chosen tree to a dot file so - at the risk of sounding too opinionated - the comment doesn’t add anything.

Hope this helps

Wow. I didn’t know that # Export keyword occurs the problem.

Thanks for your help!