Some Deep Blogging

Hi everyone. Jeremy and Rachel have said to the class repeatedly to blog and share, so I’m finally getting around to it. Figure I’ll keep a single thread up and update it every time I publish. If there’s a different format I should use, I’ll do that.

I think I’ll generally be posting as a lesson recap as I go through them, so there’ll be a lot of informal thoughts - probably the kind of stuff a confused me just before or in the middle of the lesson would find useful. The posts may get more technical / accurate / coherent as I get more experience writing them.

So that’s that, feel free to add your posts here; I think I’ll do a similar thing for the Linear Algebra course Rachel set up.

little addendum: I use ‘FAI02’ & ‘FADL2’ as pseudo course-numbers to refer to this course, and likewise for part 1.


These are great! I look forward to the next editions… :slight_smile:

Lesson 9’s blog post:

Took entirely too long due to illness and going a bit too in depth, but it’s something I’m confortable releasing.