[Solved]Strange behavior when exporting a model

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the topic, therefore I am sorry if the answer is right in front of my nose and I am not seeing it.

Also, I searched for the topic here and could not find the same situation as mine.

I am having problems with .export(). I can use .save() in a learner and it saves a .pth file in my system.1 4
however, when I try to use .export, it outputs nothing.2

This is my main code (It’s the simple cat x dog example on lesson 1)3
How can I make this work?

learn.export saves the file to learn.path/fname, so we’re not looking in the right spot. To make what you want to have happen, we can do the following by modifying learn.path:

learn.path = Path()

Otherwise, given what you’ve shown your exported model is currently at:


Thank you very much. I wrongly expected it to automatically save the model.pkl inside a model folder, since when I called the .save() function, it created a folder and inserted the file there.