[Solved]: Lesson 2: Planets TypeError

Hello fast.ai-community,

thanks for the wonderful MOOC!
I use google colab and tried to get through the planets code.

Everything seems to work fine until


It shows “TypeError”.
In detail:

--> 100     names = ["epoch", "trn_loss", "val_loss"] + [f.__name__ for f in metrics]
    101     if swa_model is not None:
    102         swa_names = ['swa_loss'] + [f'swa_{f.__name__}' for f in metrics]

TypeError: 'module' object is not iterable

Any ideas how to solve this are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

I dont know exactly what is happening here.
I have the same notebook open for hours, and just run that cell again - And now it works.
I dont know how to delete this topic thats why i edited it :smiley:

learn = ConvLearner.pretrained(f_model,data,metrics = [f2])
works fine