[SOLVED]Lesson 2: name 'classes' is not defined

I’ve written Lesson 2 on Google Colab, you can check it out here. As instructed in the documentation I’ve mounted Google Drive to the Colab instance as well and downloaded a couple of “bear” and “pandas” images using the duckgoose library.

When I try to verify the dataset for “good” images, I’m prompted with this error; NameError: name 'classes' is not defined. I can’t figure out what mistake did I make, although I’ve a feeling that since duckgoose automatically makes train, test and validation sets, fastai can’t figure out the labels for the image dataset.

EDIT: I believe I’ve found out what went wrong here. I’m not using the download_image() function as such there’s no way for me to verify the integrity of the images. Is there an alternative for the same thing? I would really like to verify the images before running it through a neural network.

I had this following changes and it works fine!

classes = [' bear', 'pandas']
path = Path('data/ducksgeese')

for c in classes:
  verify_images(path/c, delete=True, max_workers=8)