Softmax vs Tweaked Sigmoid Question

I’ve been working my way through an interesting paper that creates a “A Dual-Stage Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Network”

The first stage is meant to select some input series among many to focus attention on. So think of it a lot like feature selection.

This is where my question starts. I noticed that the authors used softmax to calculate weights that sum to 1. However, this didn’t make any sense to me because after watching Jeremy’s videos i can’t help but anthropomorphize my functions and I know that softmax really just wants to pick one thing. Which means the authors are using a function that tried to pick only one input feature series as important no matter how many or how important the other series are. So i wanted to replace the softmax in this with something else that would allow for multiple feature series to be important and compare the results, the question was what. I started thinking of it as a sort of multi-label classification problem which means sigmoid could be a good function to use. The problem is, i need the output of this replacement function to sum to 1 because they are being used as weights. So I loaded the entropy_example.xlsx spreadsheet jeremy used to teach us softmax, sigmoid and cross entropy and simply added a column that took the sigmoid and divided it by the sum of all the sigmoids. Re-generating the data multiple times in the spreadsheet makes it seem like this is giving me the behaviour i was hoping for.

My question is, does this already have a name? If not, is this a dumb thing to do for a reason i’m not thinking of? My whole goal is just to replace a function that only wants to pick one thing to assign attention weights with a function that can pick many things and assign attention weights to all of them.

Spreadsheet i used is here:


I don’t think I’ve seen that done - but I’d be interested to hear your results if you compare! :slight_smile:

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Will do. Right now i’m working on figuring out how to code the network and integrate it into, the only wrinkles from the examples in pt2 2019 is that it’s tabular data but an RNN. So I’m imagining I need to figure out how to adjust the DataBlock to accommodate. I found an implementation of the architecture here that i’m modifying for use in fastai. Once those are up and running I can create a baseline and see if anything from the fastai bag of tricks can improve including this modified sigmoid to replace softmax.

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