Soft launch of part 2 MOOC

Hey gang - I’ve created a site of our new part 2 MOOC!

Please check it out and tell me all the mistakes you can find… :slight_smile: Don’t mention this on social media yet - I’ll launch it officially on Monday (I’ll write a blog post to introduce it then).


Apologies for the earlier problem with the site - thanks all for the reports about that. (I’ve removed them since there were a lot of duplicate reports and its fixed now).

Hopefully it’ll work fine now! Let me know if you notice any issues.

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Looking good now. Part 2 forums are still showing the lock icon though - they will be unlocked before MOOC launch, right?


Texts in drop-down menu of “LESSONS” seem to be outdated.
Lesson 13 and 14’s discussion link seems to be wrong.
( & lesson14.html)

Thanks for the quick launch. My friends were anxiously waiting for it!

Thanks fixed now!

I went through the lesson summaries and compared them with my notes. In lesson 12 at the end, there is also an interesting discussion about Cycle GANs with a code example which is not mentioned in the summary here:

If there are video editing experts out there and willing to synchronize the audio and video of lesson 10, it would be amazing. It’s off by quite a bit and makes it tough to follow from time to time.

Oh thanks for letting me know! I’ll take a look.

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Thank you!!

The second paragraph on starts with “Each of the eight lessons includes…” Aren’t there 7 lessons in total?

Thanks fixed.